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Non-linear video editor with Instagram-like filters

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rating Anonymous User Person Thing
Doesn't install past versions of it like said. takes up more storage than the one on the official website

Mar 10, 2023 Was it helpful?  yes(1) no(0) | Reply
Not for an occasional user. Can't figure how to start or finish.

Aug 9, 2022 Was it helpful?  yes(1) no(0) | Reply
rating Anthony Fricker
I've been editing audio for 25 years, so I'm not completely unfamiliar. I just wanted to snip a bit off the end of an mp4. Do you think I could find any way to 'select and delete'? Not in a pink fit! It's probably in there somewhere, but no idea where. Help file and YouTube totally useless, like the programme. Had to re-record the whole lecture. Absolute waste of time. Uninstalled it and I wish I could give it NO stars.

Apr 20, 2022 Was it helpful?  yes(3) no(0) | Reply
rating Swavyy Slidez Yt
Terrible crashes, way too many, can't edit my YouTube videos.

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rating Tess
My lovestory with VSDC began in 2016 and is still ongoing. Dozens of presentations and home videos were made thanks to this editor. This year they added LUT color correction, so I began to edit photos, I should say. Frankly, in 2016 their versions were much less stable than now. So keep calm and update.

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rating soo
In early use all was good but after making few video, all become bad and worst, now I totally failed at video conversion and can't make the final output. Totally waste my time. Edit the video before convert it. If there's no fix, I will quit this.

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rating Buster
Works very well and costs nothing - totally free. Interface takes some time getting familiar with it but once you understand it you can do most anything.

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rating blacksea
This is a great software, although with double and triple menus for the same thing. Now that I got used to it I can't finish my videos, because it crashes each time on conversion... And although it says in your website, that a stabilization tool is included in the free version, it is NOT and this is a serious lack for me. I hope you will provide some fixes very soon...

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rating Jerry Swindle Jr
This is a great program and every time I use it I learn something new but it CRASHES every 5 minutes. Please fix this crap!

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rating Jeeradate Kaowkanchana
Very good and can be better if improve if can edit with wave form in the viewer mode

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rating Jbrake
Great piece of software until I updated it today to version Now it crashes every few minutes, like many others commented on as well, can't split scenes without it dying on me, conversion is a fingers-crossed exercise. I was considering upgrading to Pro but that's not going to happen with these issues ongoing..

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rating Blayze
Crashes a lot, but that wouldn't be a problem if it could at least convert files. It worked the first time I used it, but now it says "Error during conversion. Conversion isn't completed!" any time I try to export the video, regardless of format.
Thanks guys, that's a REALLY descriptive error that tells me exactly what the problem is so I know what to look for.

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rating chandan
Nice software.

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rating MadNit

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Cody Albrecht
Works fine, just make sure you save.

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