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VSDC Free Video Editor 6.3

Non-linear video editor with Instagram-like filters
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Edit your videos by adding different audio tracks, inserting both visual as well as audio effects, masking elements and using blending techniques. Save your creations locally or export them to social media.

If in search for a comprehensive video tool for free you may consider trying VSDC Free Video Editor. Though advertised as a video editor, this full-featured video utility allows you create new videos (via your webcam), mix video files and add other media to the mix, create slideshows, capture your screen activity, convert video files, and a wealth of other functions and editing features.

For a free software tool, VSDC Free Video Editor offers many more tools, utilities, options, and functions than most open source and free video editors available on the Web. This extensive functionality translates into a set of interfaces that are far from being the most intuitive ones. Thus, to make the most of this free tool, be prepared to climb a steep learning curve. Only the main interface offers a set of large and intuitive icons to help you choose the right “project” or task. Here you can choose amongst creating a new video (Blank project), create a slideshow, import content (for editing, mixing, and enhancing), capture video, and record your desktop activity. From here onwards, you’ll be presented with a set of dedicated interfaces that make many professional and expensive tools pale in comparison in terms of functionality and complexity.

Not all projects demand a high level of expertise, though. Capturing video, producing slideshows from your best photos, and recording your desktop are fairly simple activities, and are likely to get excellent results without having to become a video expert first. They resemble very much the average look and feel of other similar tools. Editing video, mixing audio and video tracks, adding effects and filters, and even converting video between formats are much less intuitive. They’re closer to the wealth of features that you usually find in professional video editing tools.

Thus, enumerating all the functions and features made available for the various projects would be both cumbersome and useless. Suffice it to say that VSDC Free Video Editor is an all-in-one tool that covers all the stages of video production and edition. With this free utility, you can produce high-quality videos in any of the most widely used file formats and burn them to disc or upload them to your favorite social network straight away. To this end, the program offers you a set of export profiles that match the most common requirements needed to upload media to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo.

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  • Provides a timeline-based video editor
  • Offers a slideshow creator with effects and transitions
  • Record all your desktop activity
  • Includes export profiles specific to well-known social networks
  • Make recordings using your webcam


  • Offers a low level of intuitiveness
  • Requires a steep learning curve
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