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What's new

v7.2 [Nov 4, 2022]
- Major color correction toolset revamp:
- The editor has received a Color grading panel.
- Color grading effect added to the Video effects menu.
- Lift, Gamma & Gain color wheels included in the color correction toolset.
- Echo filter added to the sprite properties menu.
- Coordinate-based effects, such as Lens flare and God rays can now bind to a moving point.
- Audio effects received multichannel effect strength control.
- Transition effects, Noise filter, and Clipping effect received the hardware processing mode.
- Group media file editing has become more versatile.
- MXF (Media Exchange Format) added to the list of exported format options.
- The following new parameters have been added to the Options menu:
- Timeline colors.
- Time format for the timeline and object properties.
- Delay in scene duration calculation when moving timeline blocks.
- Internet connection.
- Other improvements and bug fixes:
- Users can now select any object on the timeline and move it around, even if the object is in the background and overlapped by other media (Alt key must be pressed).
- MPEG file parsing has been fixed.
- Project export in lossless JPEG format has been optimized.
- Hardware acceleration issues for the Distort Z-Wave effect have been resolved.
- Paint Brush effect performance in software mode has been corrected.
- Unstable performance for projects with a significant lack of audio and video synchronization has been readjusted.

v5.8 [Oct 6, 2017]
A 64-bit version released with a coding/decoding speed boost: in case with H265 codec, it will double the export speed and in case with other codecs, the increase rate will reach 20%.
Simplified Chinese added to the interface languages.
New text outline settings added: contour and dash styles.
Bugs and errors fixed:
Subpixel resolution performance improved.
Speed-up mode crashes and audio filters failures eliminated.
Wrong objects duration while applying ‘Voice over’ corrected.
Screen recorder and video capture performance enhanced due to a new library application.
Dragging/removing files for animation fixed

v5.7 [Dec 6, 2016]
Fine Tuning for Filters&Effects
Color correction using Gradient

v5.1 [Jul 29, 2016]
Enhanced text editing:
- support for all common letter types and fonts, various character encoding
- more flexible text introduction – users can enter a text right on the editor’s stage in an automatically adjustable block
- ability to set properties for each character separately
H265/HEVC hardware acceleration
Interface localization into Spanish.

v4.0 [Apr 20, 2016]
The totally renewed code has increased performan­­ce by more than 50% while so wanted H265/HEVC codecs easily convert GoPro materials into pro videos assuring UHD viewing experience due to 2K and 4K support.
The updated version also supports IPhone Live Photos, FLAC, APNG and GIF formats.

v3.3 [Sep 17, 2015]
VSDC Free Video Editor introduced revamped video editing functions including better work with sprite objects and FX applied to them, more functional menus, and quick switching between object parameters for instant changes in the behavior and look of objects plus an extra handy view of the related parameters.
Then, the FX part of the program introduces a bunch of brand new and improved special effects: Threshold, Reducing bits, a group of TV effects like noisy or aged video and several more. As for sounds, now VSDC Free Video Editor allows for normalizing the volume of an audio track and splitting the video and audio parts of a project.

v3.0 [Mar 3, 2015]
Version 3.0.0
All parameters that used to be changed linearly can now change their values along a curve:
Added a parameter modification editor.
Added curve templates to the parameter modification editor.
The new version features an all-new principle of managing object/effect parameters. These parameters could previously have a constant value only or change linearly from the start of an effect till its completion. From now on, they can change randomly in the course of an effect. In many cases, it helps remove unnecessary objects from the timeline, increase the usability and reduce the time needed for creating a project.
Besides, parameters can now change their values not just linearly, but along a curve as well, which will help create more complex and beautiful effects.
This means that starting from this version, the editor became completely non-linear.

v2.3 [Dec 10, 2014]
The new VSDC Free Video Editor 2.3.0 update released by Flash-Integro adds 3 dedicated utilities to download, burn, and convert videos, speeds up exporting and preview, reduces memory consumption and improves the use of multi-core CPUs for fluent and smooth performance.
VSDC Free Video Editor keeps delivering new functions and options with every version. And the latest one brings an impressive number of useful options too. In the center of the new update are: enhanced performance of the application thanks to reduced memory consumption, better utilization of CPU multiple cores, and the reworked algorithms of cubic and supersampling interpolation resulting in 3 to 4 times faster resizing. The latter option also greatly speeds up exporting and previewing of videos. Parallel processing of scenes on multiple CPU cores increases the smoothness of previewing and promotes 50-100% faster format converting.
In addition, VSDC Free Video Editor now features 3 new capable tools to manipulate videos easier. The first instrument is a video format converter equipped with optimized format-to-format conversion presets. While in-editor conversion is still possible, using a devoted tool delivers better size/quality ratios. The disk recording utility can now burn any files the user wants to a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disk, not just projects created in VSDC Video Editor. Finally, the Downloader tool can retrieve videos for editing from multiple web video services starting from YouTube.
Among other novelties are full-featured group operations in the Wizard for easier handling of multiple objects in the timeline, better thumbnail visualization, and new filters and effects that also work faster than ever before.

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