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VSDC Free Video Editor 3.1

Freeware video editor with functions of non-linear editing and applying effects
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VSDC Video Editor is free software for capturing and editing video files or a video stream available for Windows. It can be used for complex non-linear operations with video and image files. VSDC Video Editor uses built-in filters and video transfers as well as modules from third-party developers.

The main feature of the editor is non-linear editing (NLE). Unlike programs with linear editing tables locating files in sequence, VSDC Video Editor locates, moves and edits video files at any place at the table. This, for example, allows placing two fragments of video back to back, and they will be played at the same time during playback.

Any graphical element is recognized as an independent element, which allows using any effect tools on any file type despite its format. The number of effects you can use on an element is unlimited, and each new effect is applied to the combination of source file and older effects.

You can join elements of the same type in a single Sprite. Applying effects or adjustments to the Sprite automatically makes the same changes to all the elements included.

Audio elements can also be edited and modified. When applying several audio elements to video files, they mix into a single stream and are provided as a single track in the resulting file.

An element can be given the function to move from one location at the editing table to the other within the process. You set up its starting and finishing coordinates, and by default it moves linearly from point t1 (start) to point t2 (finish). Trajectory of movement of the element can be changed by the users according to their needs.

A plug-in named Video Sequencing Wizard lets you create galleries of files of similar type or connected by a parameter you require, like common graphical element. This is especially useful for users who are new to video editing.

There are, of course, all the standard features such as cutting and joining video, subtitling, converting and re-coding files, as well as working with an original audio track of the video.

VSDC Video Editor may not be as advanced and multifunctional as its commercial counterparts, but on the market of freeware editors it is probably one of the best.

James Lynch
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  • Completely free
  • Has many advanced features


  • Interface is not very intuitive
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